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Premier Card Grading (PCG) is a third-party authenticator defined on having a modern and consistent service for all TCGs within our scope. We are made up of a range of different collectors all trained towards the same goal in producing a high quality turnover of cards. Below is our mission and vision to support our growth in becoming the best grading company in the world.

Mission: To deliver a world class grading service providing assurance and confirmation of value to all collectors.

To us that means creating a brand that will compete with the top grading companies, implementing systems and having the people in place to get us to the top spot and keep us there as we continue to provide the best service possible. This service will enable collectors to get their true value out of there cards across consistent grades.

Vision: To enhance global grading services through effective modern systems while providing consistency across multiple card games.

Having multiple offices with highly trained staff around the world to tailor to the ongoing demand is crucial in today’s market, ensuring that turn around times are quick, the quality from our grading standards are high and the ability of our systems to be user friendly are maintained. This will support an assessable service for everyone and allow us to operate to a high standard.


The submission process is completely online, follow the steps outlined below to submit and enjoy how easy the process is.

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Follow the packing Instructions and ship to your region’s closest office.

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