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Come visit Premier Card Grading at Flesh and Blood Worlds 2022! We are offering an express weekend turnaround on the first 150 cards submitted at the event. Make sure to reserve your spot by purchasing your grade now. All cards must be submitted on Friday for express weekend grading and will be returned in person on Sunday. All cards submitted at Worlds 2022 will feature a limited edition PCG label! 

Love the label, but don't need an express return? Drop your cards off for submission and receive them via mail return with the limited edition label. 

Limited Edition Label 

How it Works

Worlds Weekend Express Return ($100)

1. Drop Off your cards in person at the PCG booth on Friday, November 4 before 4:00PM. 

2. Pick Up your slabs at the PCG booth starting Sunday, November 6 at 12:00PM. 


Worlds Drop Off Mail Return ($50)

1. Drop Off your cards in person at the PCG booth anytime throughout the weekend. 

2. We will ship your slabs to you at the mailing address you provided. 

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Commemorate your first Worlds experience with this limited edition label! Purchase your grade now to reserve your spot.


At Premier Card Grading, we know that turn around time is a huge factor to when choosing a grading company. We work on your timeline, offering a variety of turnaround time options starting at as little as seven business days.


The Premier Card Grading is staffed by Card Shop Live - making the PCG US office the only grading option in the US staffed and run by TCG industry veterans with 20+ years of experience. You can rest assured that your card is being reviewed by gamers with years of knowledge and expertise in the industry.


As collectors and investors there are millions of things to worry about - keeping your cards protected shouldn’t be one of them. We pride ourselves in offering affordable pricing, starting at only $25 a grade, so that everyone has the opportunity to protect their collection.